This very unusual Delft vase was made c1957-58 for the Experimental Department of the Porceleyne Fles in Delft.  Delft is most often associated with the colors of the classic blue and white Delft pottery that we are accustomed to seeing from the Netherlands.  The Delft pottery had an experimental department with major ceramic artists at the helm.  This pot was thrown by Adriek Westenenk, a female sculptor and it was decorated by another female ceramicist named Lies Cosijn.  Both women are considered to be 'monumental' ceramic artists, and their work can be found in numerous museum collections in the Netherlands, in fact, around the world.  This vessel measures 7.5" high by 2.75" in overall diameter, and 2" at the rim. This simple form has the classic mid-century feel to it, and the decoration is exquisite!  This vase is covered with figures, including women, men, and fantasy figures, and more, almost like a story board, with different vignettes.  It has a flat matte glaze in handsome colors, dominated in black, with a green/turquoise decoration, which accents the theme all the more.  As experimentals, there are likely lines that never see the light of day, and perhaps this is one that was never put into production.  Extensive searches did not reveal any pots that look like this one.  The 'Dutch Art Pottery' group on Facebook was very helpful in identifying the artist and pointing me in the right direction to further my discovery of this vase's origins, many thanks. This vessel is well marked on the base by Lies Cosjin 'CL275', the number 275 is a code for the date, which is very likely 1957-58.  There is a 'W' with a line through it, which is Adriek Westernenk's mark.  It is also marked 'Delft', along with a die mark of a pot, and the number '34', which is the number in the experimental design.  This vase is in near original condition, with a tiny no harm sliver chip at the base edge that has aged gracefully, blending in making it almost invisible to find.

Delft Experimental Mid-Century Modern Vase by Lies Cosijn & Adriek Westenenk



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