This charming tile depicts a 'skulking' feline in low relief. It measures 5.75" square by 3/8" thick. It is hand-built, made from white clay and it is glazed in a very pleasing teal blue and plum combination glaze, which looks like it was washed with a plum over glaze, which was then wiped away, leaving color in the crevices and adding quite nicely to its dimension and glaze character. It is in original studio condition with the usual hand-made nuances, but no apologies. It is well marked with the latter 'P' and a nice imprint stamp of the artist, but we do not know the artist's identity. This 'skulking' feline will pounce on your heart, she's fabulous!

Contemporary Skulking Cat Tile in Satin Mat Teal Blue/Plum Glazes