This impressively large 'Cole-Merris' female Nubian bust measures 11.5" high by 6.5" long by 6.5" wide. Cole-Merris was a joint venture between Robert M. Cole and Herbert A. Merris, two California studio potters from San Gabriel, California, in the early 1940s.  Their partnership was active in the early 1940s, but was interupted by the war effort.  They participated in a major Contemporary Art Exhibition in 1948, entitled "This is Contemporary Art," an exhibition sponsored by the Contemporary Arts Association in Houston in 1948 and featured many of the top artists and designers of the day including, but not limited to the likes of Harding Black, Byron Browne, A. M. Cassandre, Charles Eames, Wassily Kandinsky, P. Matisse, Edgar Miller, Joan Miró, Natzler, C. Rohlfs, John Vasas, Frank Lloyd Wright, and David Wurster.  The name 'Marie Louise' is written in on the clay foot, which we presume is the figure's name.  She is simply beautiful!  She wears a blue and white striped turban, with a large feather adornment, and large floral medallion-like earrings. She makes a wonderful Art Deco presentation from the early 1940s era. She is made of red clay, and she is beautifully modeled, with very crisp and sharp lines, really a beauty! This bust is glazed in a faience-style glaze, with crackled ivory-white skin, with the clay color peeking through at the high points. She is marked Cole-Merris, along with the aforementioned name notation. She is in original mint condition, no apologies. This lovely young Nubian lady makes an awesome Art Deco presentation!

Cole-Merris 'Marie Louise' Figural Bust 11.5" San Gabriel, Ca c1940 Mint

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