This C.R. (Charles Roe 'Charlie') Auman hand-thrown bulb bowl stands 2.5" high by 6.75" in diameter.  It was likely thrown by Wrenn Cole, who was the potter Auman hired when he opened his business in 1922.  It has a simple form, made from Mitchfield clay, which was glazed with a clear glaze, with splashes of cobalt for decoration, and finished in a glossy sheen.  It is unmarked, as are most of Auman's early pieces, according to numerous online references.  This bowl is in near original condition, with a couple of minor glaze nicks and flecks, and stilt pull marks on the under base, a well-cared for bowl that has aged handsomely.

Charlie Auman North Carolina c1922-1937 Bulb Bowl Mitchfield Clay Cobalt Glaze


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