This impressive Camark vase from the late 1920s to the early 1930s stands 5.5" high by 8" across the handles by 8" in diameter. It has a great bulbous form, with a strap band at the mid-section and nice boxy handles at its sides. Best of all, it is glazed in a thick and rich stormy marbelized blended glaze in purple hues. It is finished in a bright glossy sheen. This beauty is doubly-marked with the Arkansas die stamp on the base, and a paper label, both marks of a 1927-1930 pot, and guaranteed to be vintage Camark, shape #204. It is in near original condition, with a glaze chip on the band at the midline just to the side of one of the handles, and well shown in the photos. If you collect early Camark pots from the 1927-30s, this pot would be an great addition to your collection!

Camark Handled Urn/Vase 1927-30 #204 In Stormy Purple Blended Glazes



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