This very handsome and scarce Burley Winter vase from Crooksville, Ohio stands a respectable 16" high by 8.5" in diameter. It has a full-bodied shapely form, weighing in at a whooping 14 pounds, 2 ounces. It is noted in the Burley Winter reference book by Swingle & Stoin on page 24. The Burley Winter Pottery was in operation from around 1912 until 1932, according to the references. This vessel is glazed in a signature Burley mottled green and oyster glaze. It is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Burley Winter. This floor vase is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a small surface rim chip. It has the usual glaze nuances, including a glazed over . This large floor vase makes an awesome presentation.

Burley Winter 16" Floor Vase In Oyster/Green Mottled Glazes


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