This Brush McCoy art pottery lamp stands 22" high from tip to toe, that is, finial to base.  The pottery portion measures 8" high by 8.5" in diameter. This original lamp is very well made and likely dates to c1930-1940. There are no definitive marks, but it is glazed in a nice green onyx glaze, which is signature Brush McCoy. It is decorated with a half Daisy blossom motif under a drippy green over glaze. It has interesting handles at its sides, which at first look like strap handles, but on second glance, it appears that the handles could actually be in the form of a stylized nude lying on her back, legs bent to shape the handle, and the top of the nude blends into the topside of the lamp. It is subtle, but a curious design. It is a working lamp and the wiring is very good.  It has a complementary green ball finial, which looks like clear glass or lucite. It is in factory original condition with just some minor no harm glaze nuances, a couple of clay seams and no harm pinholes in the glaze, all shown in the photos.  This period 1930s lamp makes a very handsome presentation.

Brush McCoy Art Pottery Lamp in Green Onyx Glazes c1930s-40s


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