This Boys Town vase stands 5.5" high by 3" in diameter.  Boys Town Pottery began out of a mission by Father Edward J. Flanagan, a Catholic priest, in 1917.  He started a home for orphaned young boys, which was a true success.  Nearer to the 1940s, the pottery program came into being, and this vase is but one example of many that were produced at Boys Town Pottery.  It has a classic form, and it is glazed in a gunmetal glaze with lustre properties, and an iridecscent shimmer, almost like an oil-spot finish.  It is marked 'Boys Town' on the base, and likely dates to the 1940s.  The pottery program director is said to have come from Muncie Pottery, and it is said that many of the pots were glazed akin to Muncie wares.  This vase is well made, not like a ceramics class piece, so he taught them well.  This vase is in original condition with just handling marks from the last eighty years of handling, no damage.  Boys Town continues today, but there have been some changes, their name, and now...they allow girls!  Father Flanagan's simple dream to ​make the world a better place for children ​thrives today because people still believe that every child deserves to be valued and loved, and to live a healthy, positive life....hurrah for humanity!

Boys Town Nebraska 5.5" Gunmetal Lustre Vase with Iridescent Qualities

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