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This mid-century Bill Mohl Studio Aladdin's lamp measures a large 6.75" high by a long 10" across by 4" wide. It has a wildly exaggerated form, just like an Aladdin's 'Genie' lamp, but on steroids. It has a long spout and a highly scrolled handle, and it is capped with a ball finial and set on a stepped base. Everything about this lamp dares you to pick it up, it's great! It has a cloth/fiber wick, which is tinged as if it had been lit, likely a touch by Mohl himself, as it has never seen oil as far as I can tell. It is said that the wicks in Mohl's lamps never require replacement. Mohl is said to have created his pots on a kick-wheel, all hand thrown and hand-built at his studio in Guys Mill, Pennsylvania. He began making his Aladdin lamps around 1970 into the 1980s. His handles were hand-pulled and formed, and his spouts were formed using chopsticks, truly a hands-on American potter. This lamp is glazed in a mottled combination of blue and green with crystalline touches pooling at the base, and finished in a mix of satin matte and sheen. It is well signed on the base 'Bill Mohl', along with the date '79. It is in original studio condition, with the usual hand-made glaze nuances. This is a fabulous conversation piece for a table, I guarantee it'll conjure up some mischief!

Bill Mohl Studio Aladdin's Lamp in Blue/Green Mottled Crystalline Glazes 1979

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