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This awesome Bill Campbell Studio Aladdin's lamp measures a large 6.75" high by a long 10" across by 4" wide. It has a wildly exaggerated form, just like an Aladdin's 'Genie' lamp, but on steroids. It has a long spout and a highly scrolled handle, and it is capped with a ball finial and set on a stepped base. Everything about this lamp dares you to pick it up, it's great! It has a cloth/fiber wick, which is tinged as if it had been lit, likely a touch by Campbell himself, as it has never seen oil as far as I can tell. This lamp is glazed in a mottled combination of blue and green with crystalline touches and finished in a mix of satin matte and sheen. It is well signed on the base, along with the date '79. It is in original studio condition, with the usual hand made glaze nuances, but no apologies at all. This is a fabulous conversation piece for a table, I guarantee it'll conjure up some mischief!

Bill Campbell Studio Aladdin's Lamp Blue/Green Mottled Crystalline Glazes 1979

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