This Arthur Möller Nude figural stands 8" high by 8" across by 5" deep.  Arthur Möller, a German sculptor and porcelain designer, was a master at Nude sculpture. His training and ceramic history are noted after the description of this Nude figure.  This Art Deco Nude is in a relaxed and seated poise.  She is porcelain, and glazed in a simple white glaze. Möller designed a series of Nudes at the beginning of the Art Deco movement, c1929.  He was also a designer for the Goebel Company, and he designed many famous figurine series.  This Nude series was a Möller design, not a Goebel project.  No one quite knows how many were in the series, but we've only seen two.  We acquired this figure in the late 1980s from a private collector. She is unmarked, but was acquired with a sister piece that is marked 'A. Möller'. Their bodies and composition are consistent, and we have always felt confident that she is indeed, a Möller design from c1929-1930.  She is in original studio condition, no apologies.  

Please read further if interested in Möller's history and life's work:

Arthur Möller was a German sculptor and porcelain designer, who is best known for his work at Goebel. He was one of the initial sculptors to help bring Sister M.I. Hummel's artwork to life as M.I. Hummel figurines
Arthur was born on January 5, 1886 in the town of Rudolstadt in Thuringia.
He first studied modeling at a ceramic modeling studio in Rudolstadt, before leaving home to work with several of the Thuringian porcelain factories. He continued to develop his talents in 1907 at the Arts and Crafts Academy in Dresden and, from 1908 to 1910, at the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, under the Professor of Figurative Sculpture, Heinrich Maria Wader. Incidentally, this is the same school Sister M.I. Hummel was to enroll at in 1929.
In 1910, Arthur's work was shown in the Petit Palais, an exhibition pavilion in Paris, as part of an exhibition of Munich arts and crafts. It was through this event that Arthur's talents came to the attention of Max Louis Goebel, the third-generation head of the Goebel company. Max invited Arthur to join Goebel and he accepted. He stayed there the rest of his sculpting career, retiring from the company on December 31, 1956.
Arthur was a master figurine sculptor, who contributed an immense wealth to the Goebel range, including figurines of legendary dancers from the Apollo Theater in Berlin, children at play, based on Kathe Kruse's doll line, Erna Reibert's Nasha figurines, a few Norman Rockwell figurines, characters from Disney's Lady and the Tramp, and, of course, the Hummel figurine range. Along with his fellow Goebel artist, Reinhold Unger, Arthur created the first Hummel figurines in 1934. The pair of them set the standard for this popular collection.
After retiring from Goebel, Arthur spent his final years as a teacher at the City Vocational School in Coburg, where he taught drawing and sculpture. He died on August 31, 1972 in Rodental, Coburg.

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