This framed vintage souvenir photo of Anton Lang was taken in his pottery studio as he sat at his pottery wheel. Anton Lang was a master studio potter in Germany, and he was an actor in the Oberammergau Passion Play, in which he played the role of Jesus Christ.  Lang played the role of Jesus Christ in 1900, 1910, and 1922. He was the Prologue Speaker in 1930 and again in the Jubilee Production of 1934.  This photo is from 1930, and there is a pencil notation on the backside describing Lang's role in presenting as the prologue speaker. The photo measures 8" across by 5.5" high, and the frame is 12" across by 9.5" high. The photo bears the inscription 'Oberammergau: Anton Lang in Seiner Keramischen Werkstatte', which translates to 'Oberammergau: Anton Lang in his pottery studio'. The 'Foto...' script cites the photo and publisher. This photo is signed by Anton Lang and dated 1930. Lang is surrounded by his pots in the studio, at which he made his living. This photo is in fine original condition with just minor toning to the beautifully made German paper. The cover paper on the backside is torn, but the inscription is important so, we'll leave it be.  If you are a fan of Anton Lang's pottery, and/or the Oberammergau Passion Play, this is a very nice artifact.

Anton Lang Framed/Signed Souvenir Photo in Pottery Studio d1930 Oberammergau


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