This gorgeous Satsuma china-painted decorated teaset includes a teapot, a covered creamer and a covered sugar.  The teapot has a large footprint and measures 4" high by 8" across the handle by 7.25" in diameter. The covered sugar measures 3" high by 6.5" across by 6" in diameter.  The covered creamer stands 3" high by 6" across by 5.5" in diameter.  Each piece is meticulously decorated in a floral pattern, in deep blue and white enamels on the blossoms, and green over the leaves, all accented with heavy gilt trim on the handles and lids.  Accents on the outer aspects of the handles look to be monogrammed with a 'C' or a 'G', hard to know.  I've examined each piece and cannot find any markings by an artist, which is a shame, such gorgeous artistry and talent will remain unknown for all time. This set is unmarked, but clearly American Satsuma blanks were used.  I imagine this dates to the teens into the 1920s, very Arts & Crafts in its styling, bordering on the Art Deco movement as well, you decide.  Whoever made this set, obviously made it for their own use, or perhaps if gifted, they loved the recipient very much.  This is one of the nicest china-painted teasets I've ever seen!  It is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a very small surface chip at the top edge of the teapot's lid in the white enameling, not in the design. This china-painted teaset makes an absolutely stunning presentation!

American Satsuma China-Painted Teaset Arts & Crafts Stylized Floral Decoration


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