This American Encaustic Tile Company portrait tile measures 6" square. It depicts multi-millionaire, businessman and investor John Hoge of Zanesville, Ohio.  John Hoge at the age of 15 began working with a cousin by marriage in a soap company called Schultz SoapWorks.  He showed a genius in marketing and partnered with his cousin in the business as a young man.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Hoge's work ethic was impeccable and he exceled in all of his endeavors.  He served on many of the boards of companies in Zanesville, including serving as a president of American Encaustic Tile Company.  Hoge had a decorated and successful life story, and a lengthy history about his life and successes will be provided to the buyer.  This tile is glazed in a rich blue gloss glaze. It dates from the 1920s and is well marked 'AE Tile Limited' on the backside. This tile is in near original condition, with some flecks, scuffs and surface scratches, which we show in an altered image in the interest of full disclosure.  This tile presents very handsomely, the rubs and scratches are not evident unless you hold the tile at an angle.  It has a mirror gloss finish, which helps to diminish the rubs. This portrait tile makes a truly wonderful presentation!

American Encaustic Tile Co. 6" Portrait Tile 'John Hoge' Zanesville Millionaire


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