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This lovely large and extensive Art Deco dresser set includes eight pieces in all, including a tray measuring 12" long x 8" wide, a shaker 6" high, a set of candlesticks 6.5" high, and four covered jars in various sizes with interesting lids. The artist 'M.E. Wilson' chose a very handsome design for her pieces with beautiful blue Daisies and foliage covering each piece, over a light Persian melon shade of color. She signed every piece except the largest covered jar. All of the pieces are marked 'MZ Austria' with the exception of the shaker, marked 'Record Germany' and the smallest covered jar, which is marked 'Prussia' in a green ink stamp. Moritz Zdekauer operated in Austria from 1884-1909 when they were taken over by the German porcelain manufacturer C. M. Hutschenreuter, who maintained the crowned eagle with the initials ‘MZ’ marking maintaining continuity of the brand. Like many European companies, MZ produced blanks for the China Painting trade in the United States, whose history is detailed following this description, a fascinating history for American women. This set is miraculously in original condition, a much loved set.

American 'China Painting' began around the time of the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876. After the Civil War, women became interested in the leisure arts and china painting was a natural for producing objects used in decorating the home.  China painting became a movem