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This beautiful set of contemporary Moorcroft candlesticks stand 8" high by 4.5" in diameter at the bases and 3.25" in diameter at the rim cups. They have a lovely design with frilly tulips, very much akin to William Moorcroft's early Florian Ware Tulip designs of the last century c1900 by James Macintyre and Company. Moorcroft continues to produce a contemporary line of art pottery and they are really rich designs. They are tube-lined as all Moorcroft pieces, old and new. They are glazed in a white ground, with gorgeous frilly tulips in a blue glaze and finished to a glossy sheen. They have a ribbon ink stamp that reads 'Florian Ware'. This set is in original studio condition, no apologies. They make a beautiful contemporary Art Nouveau presentation.

After Moorcroft Macintyre's Florian Ware Candlestick Set with Frilly Tulips

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