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Saturday Evening Girls (SEG)
The Saturday Evening Girls (SEG) Club and the Paul Revere Pottery, which grew out of it, were part of a social and cultural endeavor that began in the Boston Public Library in the 1890s. They were the result of the convergence of three major movements influencing Boston at the time: the growth of the Arts and Crafts Movement, the evolving role of women and Women's Movement, and the Settlement House Movement. Together they created an environment that was ripe for the start of the pottery. As David Rago says in American Art Pottery: "The story of the Saturday Evening Girls...says as much about the philosophical and spiritual aspirations of the Arts and Crafts movement as it does about the work these ideals engendered...The seeds of the SEG Pottery fell on fertile soil." This info was gleaned from an online article, from the Journal of Antiques & Collectibles.


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